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In person training service areas:

Des Moines and Surrounding Communities.
Winterset, Creston, Orient, Macksburg, Greenfield and surrounding communities. 

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Leanna and I am the owner of Dayzee Mae Boxers and DMB Four Paws Training Academy (also known as just DMB). I currently have a fully functioning social, 15 dog pack which includes, 10 boxers, 2 Olde English Bulldogges, 1 Cane Corso, and 2 Labs.

One thing that drove me to start DMB is the high cost of dog training. Everyone should be able to afford dog training, and everyone should have the experience of owning a well behaved dog with an exceptional family relationship. With saying that, I have lower costs, not because I am not a “good” trainer, I have lower costs and less “fluff” (fancy training facility, etc, as most of the training is done either in the barn, or outside in the yard, or a meeting place), so that everyone can have the opportunity. This also lessens the chances of dogs going to pounds or rescues because their owners cannot handle them. The only item that is not so much a “lower costs” is the stay and train program. This is because on top of classes, my own dogs, and my family, there is a lot more focused time involved. ​

About me as a trainer: ​

Having owned well trained dogs all my life that I trained along with training family members, neighbors and friends dogs and spending 1000's of hours researching and dedicating my life to learning all different styles of training, I decided to start training professionally and going back to school to become a certified dog trainer and to study canine behavior and learning theory. I than decided to open DMB and have been professionally training for 15 years with over 20 years total life experience. ​

A lot of the success is due to my comprehensive follow up if ever needed that are included with all training at no additional charge when it pertains to commands/behaviors that have already been taught but needs some fine tuning, for as much as the owner needs. ​ I use psychology and a natural approach to dog training with positive reinforcements. Understanding the psychology of the breeds is also important, as every breed has their own characteristics that can affect the way they learn. At DMB, we train all breeds! ​

Training can be very frustrating, time consuming and stressful at the same time, when unfamiliar with the process that works best for your dog, whether he/she is a puppy or an adult. At DMB, you are provided the necessary education and tools to ensure your dog has the best chance at successful training and for you to develop the best relationship with your dog. We don't just train your dog, we teach you as well! ​
Training is an ongoing process of growth and enhanced communication between your family and your four legged family member. ​ You can choose either In-home sessions which are in your home, or you can come to DMB (our home, we don't have a fancy training center so we can pass the savings onto you), or choose our comprehensive stay and learn program, the opportunities are endless depending on your particular situation and the behavioral outcome desired. ​

I also focus on behavioral issues, such as dog/dog aggression, human/dog aggression, digging, jumping, and many more behavioral issues.
One item about me is that I will be 100% truthful, about your dog, and about your ability to maintain the training needed for your dog. In saying that, don’t be surprised when you hear something you weren't expecting. I don’t cover up anything, and I don’t take on what I don’t think we can fix.

We are located 45 min SW of Des Moines and service the Des Moines and surrounding communities.

Classes/Certifications/Continuing Education Courses/Affiliations:

~Dr. Ian Dunbar Sirius Dog Training Academy 4 day course

~ Dr. Ian Dunbar Growl Class Workshop (working with dog/dog agression)
~ Dr. Ian Dunbar Simple Solutions for Dog Behavior and Training Problems
~Canine First Aid and CPR certified
~Professional Member of APDT ( The Association of Professional Dog Trainers)

~Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer- Honor Graduate